Partnering With Precision Technology Unlocks New Growth
A Case Study


Our client is a global company with operations across Asia, Europe, and North America, that provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients.  Our client’s ambitions had grown beyond the confines of its system and needed assistance with assessing if the current systems could be enhanced in tandem with reviewing multiple platform options.


Our client needed to have an outside partner step in who was not as close to the organization to assess their needs.  In the past, previous leadership attempted to embark on ERP integrations with a DIY thought process which resulted in a loss of time and money, while simultaneously creating bigger issues that had to be resolved immediately.

The IT department was 5-8 years behind with a substantial backlog of high-priority projects. Multiple applications had been purchased and utilized by each business unit over the years, and through acquisitions. The IT team had not been consulted nor viewed as a member of any business unit. Many of the applications did not speak with one another, creating redundancies, data integrity issues, and a headache for the IT department.

Its current system was ineffective, specifically:

  • Project Management and communication across business units
  • Internal staff availability to source new qualified talent
  • Divergent systems drained productivity; consequent in delays in talent delivery due to long hiring timelines and resources.


Our client weighed several of the prevalent ERP staffing solution providers before deciding on Precision Technology as the most impressive among them. No other staffing provider, in their estimation, came close to the ease, deliverability, and customer service that Precision Technology offered and, upon adoption, delivered.  After surveying major ERP staffing solution providers on what they could offer, they determined that Precision Technology would best serve its leadership’s desires to scale its operations team and secure a larger footprint as the global leader in R&D and manufacturing services.

In seeking an ERP staffing solutions implementation resource, our client searched for solutions that could facilitate its growth potential and enable it to manage a workforce that was expanding rapidly in size and complexity. Thus, it sought an ERP staffing solutions provider that emphasized agility in recruiting/talent acquisition and ease in talent management.


Our client needed a team that has completed multiple global integrations and understood the importance of collaborating with all business units to ensure they fully understood each unit’s requirements and successful adoption and training for all end-users.

We structured each business unit with its own dedicated project team with an experienced IT-focused Project Manager to lead and consult each application.  Experienced Business Analysts reviewed and assessed the current applications and provided support to each business unit while the integrations were in process, and Technical Writers created training materials.

Assisting with multiple digital transformation initiatives. 

The goal was to not only help with the integration but to assist in building a collaborative culture where the IT department was ingrained into each business unit.  This ensured the business units would not backtrack and that they would have the support needed to be as efficient as possible.

Some highlights include:

  • Standardized recruiter productivity.
  • Front-to-back-office, end-to-end talent management suite.
  • Provided premium candidate care that allowed our client to separate itself from competitors.
  • Provided the skill set that the project teams were lacking.
  • Our recruiting and talent management solutions stand apart from our competitors.
  • Delivered top tech talent and scalable solutions through our unique targeted approach.
  • The Precision Technology integration team improves coordination among all business units.
  • Our services enabled our client to grow consistently and swiftly while not having to spend time and money sourcing, vetting, and hiring new talent.


Our client needed a team that has completed multiple global integrations and understood the importance of collaborating with business units to ensure they fully understood the business units’ requirements and successful adoption and training for all end-users.  We’ve been in partnership with our client for over 6 months, and we have already been an integral part of our client’s overall scalability and growth.  Since partnering with Precision Technology, our client has triumphed by expanding and rolling out R&D and manufacturing services for Life Sciences at a rapid pace.