ERP implementation

Why to Avoid an In-house ERP Implementation


If you want an ERP system that can support the business you are today, as well as the business you want to become, an outside perspective on your system is essential. If you hire an ERP System Implementation Consultant, they will have not only the knowledge, but the experience of lessons learned.  Their knowledge gained from implementing numerous previous projects will save you time and money in the long run.

The ERP Implementation Consultants have a broad experience across a variety of industries.  If you only use your internal team for the project, they will not have this outside perspective.  This may result in a loss of time and money or an inefficient system. 

The external team will not make any assumptions about the way your business should run.  They are not attached to the idea of doing things a particular way.  It is important to understand the “why” within each of your business units. 


Most companies lack the necessary experience to implement an ERP system implementation project.  As a result, they will face a large learning curve.  There are hundreds of ERP systems on the market today, and most companies struggle to understand which one will best suit their needs.  The people, processes, and technology should be tied to critical business goals.  Gaining access to real-time data in the supply chain is also critical.  The ERP consultant can help you define goals related to real-time data.



Organizational issues is one of the most common reasons for budget overruns. Organizational issues also encompass everything from change resistance to challenges with process redesign. 

one of the most powerful mitigation techniques is organizational change management.  If you are experiencing a strong resistance to change and are not confident in the ability of your team to transition employees, then hiring a Change Management Consultant is critical.  These experts assist your team and help them understand and explain the impacts of each business unit.  This information can then help you develop a targeted communication plan. 

Your real-time data is only as useful as the strategy behind it.  Partnering with an experienced consulting firm like Precision Technology to guide these strategic decisions and measurable goals will help save you time and money. 

5 Famous ERP Implementation Failure Examples To Learn From

  1. Revlon – Lost valuable sales
  2. Nike – Loss of over $100 million
  3. Avon – Project of $125 million failed
  4. Lidl – dropped the €500m project
  5. Hershey Candies – Unprocessed orders of $100 million worth