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Advantages of Contractor Recruitment

Contract employment is common these days; nevertheless, some companies continue to be skeptical or unaware of the numerous advantages of employing a contractor. Utilizing a contractor is a great alternative for short-term, interim, or flexible staffing needs, which may be an ideal solution given a company’s circumstances.

What is Contractor Recruitment?

Contracts are normally agreed upon with independent workers for a specified amount of time. At the end of the set time, the company has no further obligations and vice versa. It can be valuable in handling cycles of heavy work volume or projects that are only expected to last for a particular period. It is a good alternative for companies within the life science industry to have in this environment. Contract recruitment is also ideal for positions that would be difficult to fill permanently.

Contractors, especially in the life science industry, have vast experience and knowledge from working across biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Contractor versus Permanent Employee

Contract staffing is commonly regarded as a more accommodating method suitable for meeting workforce shortages, working on projects, or replacing essential employees for short periods. There is less risk for the company and allows contractors to earn more, have a range of work, and move between different companies.

Alternatively, permanent employees are eligible for benefits, e.g., health care, 401k, holidays, and PTO, which are inaccessible to contractors. Therefore, permanent employment is preferred where there is a gap to build a strong, long-term team.

What is the Recruitment Process?

Recruiting contractors involves various stages. The company must initially identify its needs and decide what roles it wants to hire contractors for. The next stage is to partner with a specialized recruitment firm, like Precision Life Sciences, to assist with the contracting process, vetting, and submission of the best candidates. Ultimately, once a contractor is placed, the firm will stay in touch with you and the contractor to ensure everything is going as planned.

Advantages of Using a Contractor Recruiter

Partnering with a specialized recruiter will consistently give the best results as they know contractors that would be the best fit for the scope of your need. In addition, they will have a robust and highly qualified database of contractors that can be sourced for specific skillsets. Building and managing a contingent workforce can demand significant time and energy, a recruiting partner can take on the intensive work of finding talent and qualifying candidates around precise requirements.

In closing, whether you need a contractor or an entire team, Precision Life Sciences can secure qualified life science contractors to build, scale, and efficiently manage staffing shortages.  Contact us today to get the conversation started.